Tornado Drill


MARCH 2022 

The polished poems in Dave Malone’s Tornado Drill spin readers from Kansas arroyos and Ozark lakes to sodden Paris side streets and back again. Along the way there are surprising glimpses through neighborhood windows and into manicured back yards, but no matter the setting, Malone’s true terrain is the human heart. Tornado Drill contains humor to balance grief, mystique to dress and attend memory, and spirit to animate craft. Without question, it is his finest book to date. 
—C.D. Albin, author of Missouri Author Award’s Hard Toward Home

Don’t let the title fool you, this is no drill. There is real danger here—its undercurrent felt in every precise image, its power, palpable. Through tightly crafted, yet expansive portraits, glimpses, and moments, Dave Malone’s Tornado Drill invites us into a whole community of loss, desire, and want. You cannot help but be pulled into this vortex, astonished by the beauty and possibility you will discover here.
—Amy Ash, author of The Open Mouth of the Vase