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Excerpts from “Ode on a Grecian Urn”

October 18

Welcome guest poet, John Keats, with excerpts from one of his most loved poems.

Rothko’s Red on Yellow

October 11

I was on a writer’s retreat last Friday, so we took a break last week. But we are back strong with a poem that blends Rothko red with libraries. 

Entering the Blue Room at Ragdale

September 27

Welcome today’s guest poet, Marilyn Kallet. I am very pleased to feature this lovely poem from Knoxville’s Poet Laureate. 

Here and Now

September 20

Welcome Friday’s guest, CD Albin. He writes a superb opening line with enviable alliteration: “Sawdust scrim settles.”

Sage Bush

September 13

Welcome guest poet, Phil Howerton, who puts his thumbprint on autumn and the “work shirt” of hearty plants.


September 6

I’m delighted to feature today’s guest poet and fellow Ozarker, Gerry Sloan. 

New Life

August 30

Enjoy today’s Friday poem, originally published in my book, O: Love Poems from the Ozarks from TS Poetry Press. Happy Friday!

Fragmentary Blue

August 23

Welcome guest poet, Robert Frost. On New Year’s Day, a good number of his poems entered the public domain. “Fragmentary Blue” is one such poem. Enjoy!

Ushered into the Night

August 16

To the underappreciated bouncers out there . . . .

Frappuccino Love

August 9

A very silly poem. First published by the literary magazine, Forge, then later appeared in my book, Seasons in Love. 

Charming Man

August 2

Do you know a charming man such as this? I hope you enjoy this Friday poem from my book, You Know the Ones.

My Heart Leaps Up

July 26

One of my literary heroes is this week’s guest poet, Mr. William Wordsworth.  

T&P Depot

July 19

Today’s Friday poem is from guest poet, Leslie Marie Aguilar. As a former resident of Abilene, I more than appreciate this ode to that West Texas town.   


July 12

This poem will complement next week’s poem from Leslie Marie Aguilar, as “Regret” also has the theme of romance.  

The Middle Boy’s Name

July 5

I am pleased to feature Ashley Underwood’s fine poem that was originally published in a journal close to my heart: Elder Mountain: A Journal of Ozark Studies

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