Friday Poems Archive: 2018 July through December


This is an archive of Friday Poems from July (first issue!) through December of 2018. Given the poems are posted like a blog, the entries are in reverse chronological order.

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A Song for New Year’s Eve

December 28

Welcome guest poet, William Cullen Bryant—who is all about the new year!

untitled poem

December 21

Full moon mañana. Wishing you clear skies!


December 14

Inspired by the view from Nichols Drive in West Plains, Mo.  

Originally published in my book, O: Love Poems from the Ozarks, from TS Poetry Press

Passing Through

December 7

Do folks still write Christmas cards? 😛
I hope so!  

untitled poem

November 30

Deep fall. 

untitled poem

November 23


Driving to Autumn Jazz Near Hermann, Missouri

November 16

This is an older poem of mine but a personal favorite. Many thanks to the editors at Mid Rivers Review who originally published them poem. 


November 9

The title is a word play on the traditional Japanese theatrical play, Noh (the theme of the October 12th poem). Enjoy!

modern haiku #2

November 2

Recently, Jenni and I gathered with good friends in our back yard and had a full-moon fire. What a delight. And this poem . . . emerged. 

Ode to Autumn

October 26

This is the first guest post at Friday Poems. So I decided to make it a good one: an excerpt from “To Autumn” from Mr. John Keats. Composed nearly two hundred years ago, September of 1819. Enjoy!

What I Heard

October 19

Some years ago, a friend committed suicide. I think of her, and her kind soul, often.


October 12

Inspired by the Japanese Noh play tradition.


October 5

I wrote the first draft of this poem about five years ago. I’ve always liked it. Hope you like it, too. And very pleased that the awesome editorial crew of Constance and Kathleen (and now Joshua) at Gyroscope Review published it in 2016. 


September 28

There is a heckuvan oak tree beside a local church here in West Plains. Each fall, it becomes this heart-stopping color of orange. 

Bread Pudding

September 21

This is a fun limerick I wrote for a bourbon club I once belonged to.

The Nuisance of Nouns

September 14

With autumn here, the songs of the cicadas and katydids are coming to a close. Today’s poem is also inspired by the wonderful retreats I take at a Cistercian abbey in the Ozarks. 

Elegy for an Old Friend

September 7

Feeling nostalgic, as I oft am, I thought back to some halcyon days when I lived in Kansas City. And this one is to a dear, dear friend from KC. 


August 31

A fun  haiku I banged out on the typewriter some time ago. Inspired by watching rain fall on the downtown Square here in West Plains.

modern haiku

August 24

In the Ozarks, one of the first signs of summer’s transition to fall is the turning and falling of walnut leaves.

“Blind Swordsman”

August 17

With school back in session, I thought it appropriate to post a poem about one of my inspirational elementary school teachers. I changed his name and took poetic license, but the sentiment rings true. I hope you can relate.  

“Closing Tomorrow”

August 10

This an ode to Taco Hut of West Plains.
For those of us who remember . . . 

“Flight Attendant”

August 3


July 27

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