A short screenplay that explores the power and gift of the unexplained.

A parrot cookie jar re-appears on Catherine and Maggie’s doorstep each morning, despite their best attempts to destroy it. Will they succeed in ridding themselves of it, or embrace what it has to offer?

We are currently scouting locations in West Plains, Missouri, for a 2022 film production through Malone Media. 

We are interested in portraying a natural sense of desolation contrasted with a bright, colorful cookie jar that enters the lives of Maggie and Catherine (seemingly) as a fluke. The jar turns out not to be a fluke (though its presence can’t be explained), and it reminds the couple of their own resilience.

Derek Dowell writes crime thriller novellas set in the Florida Keys.

Paulette Guerin is a writer who lives and teaches in Arkansas.

Dave Malone is a poet and filmmaker from the Missouri Ozarks.

Based in the Midwest, Isaac Protiva is a designer who specializes in brand identity creation.