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I enjoy being a writer, editor, and logo and website designer.

I take on projects I believe in. I enjoy my clients and have formed wonderful working relationships. 

My career started in graduate school at Indiana State in 1994 when I helped a professor edit one of his books on writing. Over the following decade, I served as a newspaper editor, taught college courses in English composition and film, directed a writing center, and designed websites. In 2006, I officially hung out my shingle and founded Malone Consulting, Inc. This decision has brought me great joy and perhaps no greater joy than when I was asked to coordinate and co-write the sesquicentennial history of my alma mater, Ottawa University. 

Over the last twelve years, I have worked with  many talented writers, editors, publishers as well as photographers, videographers, and web designers. 

My manuscript specialty is memoir and fiction. I provide a whole host of services and excel in developmental editing, manuscript evaluations, and ghost writing.

Regarding editing services, if you are unsure of what you need, read below where I break down the publishing industry’s editing definitions. Also, on this page, you can read some testimonials and see a list of a few previous projects. You can also read reviews from my clients on Linked In and on Facebook.

Regarding website design, I love creating sleek, interesting, modern designs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read more.

Please get in touch. I’d love to hear about your project! If you know you want a quote, then let’s dig in. 

Editing Definitions

It is wonderful that a multitude of editing services are available online. Yet, it doesn’t take long to note the variety of editing definitions within the industry. The definitions below have served my clients well on their publishing path.
Evaluation: This is a very general review that often answers the key question, “Is my manuscript publishable?” For fiction, the editor addresses issues concerning character development, structure, the narrative arc, rising action, organization, flow, and content. The editor writes a 1-2 page summary to help the writer determine his or her next steps.

Developmental Edit (also called a critique or substantive edit): This edit tackles big-picture concerns mentioned above: character development, structure, the narrative arc, rising action, organization, flow, and content. For this edit, the editor often makes suggestions through review comments in the manuscript and may compose a critique as lengthy as ten pages.

Line Edit: The editor edits the manuscript line by line. The editor improves the flow of the manuscript and cleans up issues with digressions, lack of focus, dialogue concerns, tense shifts, and poor sentence structure.

Copy Edit: Having done the line by line work, this edit is more technical and punctuation-focused. The editor resolves grammar and punctuation errors.

Proofreading: This is the final step to eliminate typos and any missed errors. This is the polish.

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Bowie, the mini-schnauzer, is not included with any of my editing services.

Logo, Branding, and Website Design

I have been designing websites since 1998. I provide clean, elegant design and use Divi and WordPress. I offer logo and branding packages, mobile-friendly and secure website design, and SEO services. 

My clients include nonprofits, small businesses, writers, and artists. My service area includes West Plains, Missouri, Willow Springs, Cabool, and Mountain View, Arkansas. My most recent projects are The Fisher Firm, ByrdByByrd Yoga, Wiley Insurance, and Melissa Stewart for Judge.

For web hosting, I like to use Name Hero, a company with amazing customer support and an office in Kansas City. I am proud to be a part of their affiliate program.

Kind Words

We couldn’t have imagined a better first-reader, editor, and corner man.

—Deirdre Gogarty and Darrelyn Saloom, authors of My Call to the Ring: A Memoir of a Girl Who Yearns to Box 

If you are looking for a passionate, committed and consummate editor who is also reasonable, then I can fully recommend Dave Malone. He’ll handle your manuscript with a high level of expertise and always gives excellent feedback and suggestions.
—Wili Liberman, Owner/Editor of TEACH Magazine

For our academy, I’ve used Dave to help me edit my eBook, printed marketing materials, and website content. He has also helped me with a personal poetry project and was even willing to help my daughter with her college application essays. His revisions are easy to integrate, and he always makes himself available for discussion. I have greatly benefited from his professional service over the past ten years. I highly recommend making Dave a part of your publishing team for both professional and personal work.
—Mark Barrentine, Executive Director, Evangelhouse, Lafayette, Louisiana

We are a small non-profit with not a lot of dollars! We received a grant for our website overhaul and was referred by a former board member to Dave. As novices, we weren’t even sure how/where to begin, but Dave quickly and gently steered us down a great path. He was very flexible and patient as we tried out different ideas. What we truly appreciated the most, though, was the artistry in his work. Our resulting website just pops visually and the narratives are quite impactful. Bottom line, great result.
—Dolly Shiang, ​37th Judicial Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

Darrelyn Saloom and Dee Gogarty.

Recent Projects

Developmental and Manuscript Editing
The Feminist Bride (Black Rose Writing, 2018) by Katrina Majkut.
The Promise of Pierson Orchard (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2017)
by Kate Brandes.
Scattering Ashes
(She Writes Press, 2016) by Joan Z. Rough.
Looking for Henry Turner (self, 2016) by Wili Liberman.
Blush: A Mennonite Girl Meets a Glittering World (Herald Press, 2013) by Shirley Showalter.
My Call to the Ring: A Memoir of a Girl Who Yearns to Box (Glasnevin, 2012) by Dee Gogarty and Darrelyn Saloom.
Haole Wood (self, 2012; San Diego Book Award 2013) by Dee DeTarsio.
Let Days Speak (unpublished) by Nath Jones, 2015 Best New American Voices nominee.

Copy and Freelance Writing
Ottawa University: 150 Years of Signicance (Ottawa University, 2015).
Contributor for STATE Magazine. Indiana State University.
Contributor for SPIRIT Magazine. Ottawa University.

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